Oded Yossifor
Hardware / FPGA Engineering Consultant

Board Design
Over twenty years of intensive experience with board design.
More than ten years of continuous usage of Cadence OrCAD
Capture and few OrCAD layout designs.
Designs include analog and digital and basic RF. Hands on
debugging experience.

Design with the Motorola (8 to 32-bit)
Hitachi (SH-1, 3, 4)
ARM7 & 9 and TI families of microprocessors with CPU clock
frequency up to 150MHz.

Design FPGAs and ASICs using VHDL, Aldec, Xilinx Foundation and
Altera Max-Plus.

Spread spectrum communication systems with high data rate and /
or voice capability like cellular base stations, mobiles, GPS
receivers, cordless phones and military mobile transceivers.

C and various assemblers of Motorola, Intel and Toshiba.